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  1. Gale in an exoplanet's atmosphere


    • Sciences et techniques

    Date de publication:

    25 Juin 2012

    Using the Hubble Space Telescope (NASA/ESA), the astronomers observed important changes in the upper atmosphere of a remote planet. Just after a strong eruption on its host star was observed in the X-rays range, the planet experienced a violent atmospheric escape. It was the first time such detailed observation of variations in the atmosphere of an extrasolar planet was performed; this result contributed to our knowledge of climatic variations and meteorological alterations in extreme conditions.

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  2. CoRoT’s haul of 25 exoplanets

    Date de publication:

    3 Janvier 2012

    After 5 years in orbit, CNES’s space telescope just keeps on surprising with the quality of its observations. Olivier La Marle, astrophysics programmes coordinator at CNES, reviews its achievements so far.

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