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  1. Cluster reaches 10th year studying Sun-Earth connections

    Date de publication:

    12 Août 2010

    It is now a decade since the U.S.-European Cluster quartet of satellites began their mission in space - a good time to review the results of a programme dedicated to the sometimes turbulent Sun-Earth relationship.

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  2. Selection of Cosmic Vision M1 and M2: France on the front line on Solar orbiter and Euclid


    • Sciences et techniques

    Date de publication:

    3 Octobre 2011

    CNES is highly involved in the conception of the two missions Solar Orbiter and Euclid, now selected by ESA within the frame of its Cosmic Vision programme. Thanks to its partnerships (CNRS, CEA and Universities), CNES is involved in the development of payloads and ground facilities required by those satellites.

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