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    13 Juin 2017

    In 50 years, space has shifted up a gear, as innovation has revolutionized launchers and satellites, our planet’s climate has come under constant surveillance from Earth orbit and Mars has become the new frontier of space exploration. Indeed, faced with the rise ofemerging nations and the all-pervading influence of the United States, we must stay ahead of the game and above all we must keep inventing the future of space.

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  8. CNES Innovation Day Pursuing the digital transformation

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    2 Février 2017

    Year after year, the strategic importance of innovation for the space sector’s future is becoming ever clearer in an increasingly competitive global arena. CNES’s Innovation Day event this year presented technology prospects for orbital systems and launchers, as well as the agency’s new organization geared to the challenges of global competition and the digital transformation. And for the first time, CNES invited 10 start-ups it is nurturing through its R&T plan and incubation and technology spin-off actions.

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  9. CNESMAG 66- Innovation

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    14 Octobre 2015

    Innovation, boosting employment

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