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    13 Janvier 2021

    Wednesday 13 January, CNES President Jean-Yves Le Gall took part in a panel discussion on ‘Space Exploration: Europe to the Moon and Mars’ at the 13th edition of the European Space Policy Conference, which is being held by videoconference from Brussels.

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  3. Artemis programme: back to the Moon

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    16 Octobre 2020

    NASA’s Artemis programme plans to land the first woman and the next man on the Moon in 2024, followed by an exploration/prospection phase using the Gateway as a staging outpost and ultimately the construction of a lunar base starting in 2030.

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  8. France-India space cooperation CNES joins Indian Team Indus mission French technology to fly to the Moon in 2017

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    29 Juin 2016

    At the Toulouse Space Show, where India is guest of honour, CNES signed an agreement with Indian firm Axiom Research Labs to contribute to the Team Indus mission that is set to land a module and rover on the Moon in 2017. France will supply latest-generation CMOS micro-cameras developed in partnership with French firm 3DPlus.

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