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  1. Multimedia Gallery

    Date de publication:

    25 Octobre 2016

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  2. Jupiter's powerful winds

    Date de publication:

    7 Mars 2018

    To understand the dynamics of Jupiter's winds means to unveil the composition and formation of the gaseous planets. Thanks to the measurements of the JUNO mission, the research teams produced key results, published on 7 March 2018 in Nature. Tristan Guillot, one of the main authors, and Yamila Miguel give us details about these discoveries.

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  3. Cassini- Tracking Saturn’s great storm

    Date de publication:

    3 Janvier 2018

    A giant storm raged in Saturn’s atmosphere from 2010 to 2011. To understand the effects of this planetary-scale disturbance, scientists pored over the 13 years of data from the Cassini spacecraft to analyse temperatures and wind dynamics. We talk to Sandrine Guerlet, research scientist at the LMD dynamic meteorology laboratory and co-author of an article on this subject in the journal Nature Astronomy.

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  4. Venus

    Date de publication:

    25 Avril 2017

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  5. Juno unveils some of Jupiter's secrets

    Date de publication:

    3 Juillet 2017

    NASA’s Juno probe has been studying Jupiter’s structure and composition since July 2016. Its orbital trajectory brings it between the planet and its rings at an altitude of 5,000 km. During its mission, it will complete a total of 32 orbits before dropping into the planet’s atmosphere in 2021. Several papers have just been published about the first 2 flyovers. Tristan Guillot is an astrophysicist at the Observatoire de la Côte d’Azur in Nice, France; he co-authored 3 of these papers and helps us understand the probe’s first results.

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  6. Mission

    Date de publication:

    15 Septembre 2021

    SWOT : A French-US mission to investigate Earth’s ocean and inland surface water.

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  7. Mission

    Date de publication:

    11 Juillet 2017

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