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  13. CoRoT uncovers a new Sun

    Date de publication:

    13 Juin 2010

    Since 2006, CNES’s CoRoT satellite has been probing the stars in our Galaxy. With the data it has amassed, an international team has discovered a star that vibrates just like our own Sun.

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  14. COROT detects oscillations in 3 distant stars

    Date de publication:

    2 Novembre 2008

    CNES’s COROT spacecraft has turned up 3 distant stars surprisingly similar to our own Sun. The discovery is the subject of an article this week in the prestigious American review Science.

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  15. Release of the CoRoT legacy data

    Date de publication:

    18 Juillet 2016

    The CoRoT team has recently released the mission full science data set.

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  16. Multimedia gallery

    Date de publication:

    25 Août 2014

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  19. CoRoT- Exoplanet revealed in February is Earth-like

    Date de publication:

    21 Septembre 2009

    CNES’s space telescope detected its 1st Earth-like exoplanet in 2008. Ground observations have now confirmed it is a solid, rocky world.

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  20. CoRoT mission extended for three more years

    Date de publication:

    28 Octobre 2009

    The CoRoT spacecraft is approaching the end of its scheduled mission, but the space telescope’s rich haul of discoveries has left everyone wanting more. In concert with its partners, CNES has therefore decided to extend operations until 31 March 2013.

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