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  6. Sun

    Date de publication:

    30 Septembre 2016

    The Sun is the star around which Earth and the other planets in the solar system revolve.

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  7. Picard and PRISMA transferred to launch silo

    Date de publication:

    7 Juin 2010

    The Picard and PRISMA satellites, encapsulated inside the upper composite of the Dnepr launch vehicle on 4 June, were transferred to the launch silo this Tuesday in readiness for lift-off in one week’s time.

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  8. Back to the Sun

    Date de publication:

    15 Décembre 2004

    The Sun and its impact on Earth’s climate is a topic of prime importance. The Picard project was first proposed in 1998 by the aeronomy laboratory of the French national scientific research centre (SA/CNRS). On 3 December, the CNES Board of Directors decided to authorize this project frozen since 30 April 2003, in line with the recommendations of its Science Programmes Committee. It will go live in 2008.

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  9. Picard and PRISMA ready for lift-off

    Date de publication:

    3 Juin 2010

    The 2 satellites were encapsulated under the launcher fairing today, where they are now awaiting launch in 10 days’ time while the Dnepr vehicle is prepared.

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  10. Picard and PRISMA in orbit

    Date de publication:

    14 Juin 2010

    The 2 satellites reached orbit Tuesday 15 June atop their Dnepr launcher after lifting off from the Yasny space base in Russia.

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  12. Transit of Venus in 2012 by PICARD


    • Sciences et techniques

    Date de publication:

    5 Juin 2012

    The 6.5-hour transit of Venus in front of the Sun took place during the night of 5 to 6 June 2012. The final part of this transit could be seen from Europe only on June 6th right after the sunrise (between 05:50 and 06:55) when the Sun was still very low on the horizon. The Picard satellite did not experience any of the constraints resulting from the observer's point of view on Earth. Since its launch date on June 15th, 2010, Picard never stopped observing the Sun.

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