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  2. Planck: new results on the foregrounds


    • Sciences et techniques

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    12 Février 2012

    ESA's Planck mission news release: our galaxy contains unknown cold gas clouds as well as a mysterious microwave sail. These new results were announced this week during an international symposium in Bologna.

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  10. Planck on line: the whole mission is available

    Date de publication:

    13 Août 2015

    Planck mission passed again a major step. The 2015 delivery comprising all the data and results of the mission since the beginning of the operations in 2009 has been released. The archive is a treasure trove for the scientific community which will lead to new studies in this domain.

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  11. Planck reveals the first moments of the Universe

    Date de publication:

    20 Mars 2013

    13.8 billion years ago, the Big Bang set off a sudden phase of inflation that stretched the primordial Universe at least 1026 times in less than a blink of an eye.

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