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  2. Our 5 CSR commitments

    Date de publication:

    9 Août 2021
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    Date de publication:

    6 Avril 2020

    During the current lockdown, CNES has adapted its organization to protect the health of its workforce, play its part in the national effort to slow the spread of the epidemic and sustain the nation’s economic activity. To this end, the agency has instituted home working on a massive scale across its four field centres in Paris Les Halles, Paris Daumesnil, at the Toulouse Space Centre and at the Guiana Space Centre, thanks to the capacity of its information system and the huge efforts of its staff. However, CNES’s response plan requires certain employees to be physically present on site and all steps have been taken to ensure they can carry out all of their tasks to the usual high standards of quality while strictly applying the recommended distancing and transmission reduction precautions.

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  5. Martian organic molecules pique our Curiosity

    Date de publication:

    10 Juillet 2018

    On 7 June 2018, Science published two important results. The two articles describe the results obtained by the Sample Analysis at Mars (SAM) experiment, on board the Martian rover.

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  6. Vega successfully orbits VENuS and OPTSAT-3000 satellites on its tenth flight CNES’s four centres key to “making our planet great again”

    Date de publication:

    2 Août 2017

    Tuesday 1 August, Vega accomplished a flawless launch from Europe’s spaceport at the Guiana Space Centre (CSG), orbiting the VENuU and OPTSAT-3000 satellites. The launch, conducted on behalf of CNES and the Israel Space Agency (ISA), and on behalf of the Italian Ministry of Defence, was the eighth this year from the CSG and marks the tenth flight of Vega, orbiting its seventh Earth-observing satellite.

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  8. CNES in the spotlight at conference on “Our Common Future under Climate Change”

    Date de publication:

    7 Juillet 2015

    CNES President Jean-Yves le Gall was a speaker at yesterday’s Icebreaker for the conference on “Our Common Future under Climate Change”, which is being held in Paris until Thursday 10 July.

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  9. Our partners

    Date de publication:

    1 Février 2015

    CNES does not have its own research laboratory but works in partnership with French research organizations.

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